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Role of the Governors

Being a school governor is a very rewarding job. It gives you the opportunity to have a say in the development of the school. As a governor you will also be involved and aware of the latest developments in the way that children are being educated.

There is a team of Governors at Lewis Street, including representitives from teacher governors, parent governors and local education authority (LEA) governors. The term of office is 4 years, and an apply-election process is adopted to ensure all candidates are given a fair chance.


What do Governors do?

  • Promote high standards.
  • Set targets for pupil achievement.
  • Appoint the head and deputy.
  • Assist with managing the school's budget.
  • Discuss current curriculum issues.
  • Have involvement in devising action plans.

How does a governing body work?

  • Closely with the headteacher.
  • Makes decisions collectively as a team.
  • Often delegates decision making to committees.
  • Conducts most of its business at meetings.

Governor Profiles

Mr Colin Morse

Miss Morag Magee

Mr Giles Caldwell

Mr Geoff Howard

Mrs Gemma Lavelle

Mrs Wendy McCormack

Cllr David Jolley (Chair of Governors)

Mr Mark Bossons

Miss Sara Roberts

Mr David Pruden (Vice Chair)

Governor Attendance

Full Governing Body Meeting Attendance 2017-2018

Achievement and Standard Committee Attendance 2017-2018

Staffing, Finance, Premises and Health & Safety Committee Attendance 2017-2018

Achievement and Standard Committee Attendance 2017-2018