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Executive Headteacher's Welcome

Executive Headteacher's Welcome

Welcome to Lewis Street Primary School

I am very proud to be the Executive Headteacher of Lewis Street and Christ Church CE Primary Schools.

Lewis Street Primary School first opened its doors in 1905 and over a century later we believe that accountability and trust through partnership provides better opportunities for all children through school to school support and challenge.

At the heart of our provision is our mantra ‘love, learn, discover’. We believe that a child who develops a love of learning is more likely to make good progress and a child who makes good progress is more likely to carry these skills forward through life.

The foundations of Lewis Street Primary School are our 4 values:
Excellence, Respect, Challenge and Self-belief.
All our children are encouraged to try their best; take responsibility for their own actions; have a go at everything and aim to succeed.

We are committed to developing our children academically, physically, emotionally and socially, giving them the very best experiences of learning, with lots of trips (including residential), visitors and an innovative curriculum that mixes skills and knowledge with exciting themes and resources.

We also believe that we can only achieve the best for our children through developing a close relationship between home and school. There are many opportunities for parents to find out about and to share in the education of their children.

I hope that you find this information useful, but it can only give you a glimpse of our work. I am always happy to meet and speak with parents and carers personally and guarantee that a warm welcome will always await you!

Executive Headteacher: Wendy McCormack