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Welcome to Nursery's webpage!

Staff: Ms Rimmer, Mr Wilson and Mrs Simpson

We are happy to welcome a brand new class to our school! We are sure that your child will have a happy and successful time in our Nursery, and that all families will enjoy being part of the Lewis Street community.

During the first half term we will spend a lot of time helping the children to get used to coming to a new school and to making new friends. All the children will attend on a part time basis initially. After a time they will be invited to stay for lunch. When we feel that your child is settled into Nursery, we will invite them to attend full time. The decision to admit children full time is taken on an individual basis by Nursery staff, and is based on how well your child settles into school. This includes matters such as:

·         being happy to come into Nursery in the morning, 

·         forming positive relationships with other children and adults, and 

·         being able to sit and listen when an adult is reading a story.

We expect that most children will be attending Nursery on a full time basis by the beginning of October. When the children start attending Nursery for the full day, we will carry out individual baseline assessments.

The Cornerstones theme for the first half term is called 'Why do you love me so much?' The children will think about questions such as 'What is special about me?' and 'How do we show that we care?' We will learn about families, caring and about how people are the same and different.

Class-based learning...

The children have daily carpet sessions when they learn more about Maths. Literacy skills are taught in daily Topic lessons. The children also have an RE lesson once a week, and will have a PE lesson with Coach Hall. your child should should have a pair of black slip-on pumps in school. Your child does not need a PE Kit in the Nursery class.


We will send details of our Share a Book Scheme after the October half term break. In the meantime, we encourage you to buy a school book bag, which your child will need to keep their books in.

Daily routines.....

Our day starts at 8.45am. In the morning, we encourage parents and carers to spend a short time alongside their child to help them to make a calm start to the day.

The children's learning starts with self-registration, when the children check in by finding their name card. This is followed by Chat and Play. Each day has a pattern and routine; there are further details on the timetable that can be found on this page.

The school day ends at 2.50 for children in Nursery. At the end of the school day, please pick children up from Nursery before collecting older siblings. Please contact school if you are going to be late collecting your child, or if you are sending someone else to collect them.

Snack Money

A choice of snack and a drink of milk (or water) are available for your child at our Snack Table each day. Snack money must be paid for in advance via ParentPay. Alternatively you may choose to send in a small healthy snack (e.g. fruit or a bread stick) This needs to be in a small bag labelled with your child's name, please.

Please speak to a member of the Nursery team if you have any questions about snack. Water is available for your child to drink at all times.


Please make sure that your child has a full set of spare clothes on their peg. As you can imagine when learning outdoors children can quickly get dirty and messy! We can easily change the children if we need to when there are spare clothes on their peg.

Please don’t forget to include: underwear, socks, shoes or pumps, a t-shirt, trousers or skirt and a jumper or cardigan. Please send these items in a carrier bag labelled with your child's name.

These clothes do not have to be school uniform, but should be something comfortable for your child to wear. If your child is changed at school and goes home in the change of clothes, please send the clothes back into school as soon as possible. Thank you!

Also, it would really help your child (and us!) if they can change into these clothes themselves.

Key Workers

In Nursery all of our children are special and unique and we appreciate the importance of building strong relationships with the children and families that we work with. Our children are divided into Key Worker groups. As a parent there are lots of things that you may want to share about your child with us at the beginning of the day such as if they are feeling poorly, if they haven’t slept properly, or if something has upset them, for example. You are welcome to share this with your child’s Key Worker and they will ensure that your child has a good day at Nursery.

Thank you to all those parents who are now registered to use Tapestry; we hope that you are enjoying seeing the evidence of your child enjoying their learning journey! If you are not yet registered, please speak to a member of staff who will be able to help you get signed up.

Many thanks

The Nursery Team