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SEND / Local Offer

SEND / Local Offer

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

The SENCO is Miss Charlene Skeels. Please contact her via the school office or 0161 789 4400.

In line with our school ethos and SEND procedures, we take great care to provide support and provision for children with SEND.

Downloadable below are:

  • Our Local Offer 2017-18
  • A document detailing the provision we offer at Lewis Street to provide support locally for children and young people with special educational needs or disabilities
  • Our SEND Information Report
  • Our Equality and Community Cohesion Policy.

Below is a short video explaining the Local Offer from Salford City Council detailing how they can help a child with SEND as well as how they can provide support for a family with a child with SEND. Also included on the website is a document giving more information on the The Local Offer which is also downloadable from the left hand side of this webpage.