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Year 4

Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Teachers: Mrs Done and Miss Dunn

LSAs: Mr Bossons, Mrs Green & Miss Shearer

Hello and welcome back to our final half term together in year 4! We have had such a wonderful year together and we ready for an epic final term!


Our project this half term continues to be Misty mountains with it's focus being Geography! We will be looking at the structure of the earth, how mountains are made, the workings of  volcano and the Pompeii disaster! In our writing we will be setting an adventure story in the time of the Pompeii disaster and looking at a non-chronological report on a dragon! We all know that dragons live in the mountains! Beware!!


In maths we will be looking at our final topic of Mass and Volume and will then be revising different topics we have covered throughout the year. We will be tailoring this to the needs of the children so that they had a sound knowledge before they go up into year 5!


Our science this half term is working scientifically. We will look in-depth at each section of a science experiment and really get to grips with variables, non-variables, fair testing, reporting and evaluating. 


Our RE lessons this half term is "What can we learn from what religions say about good and bad?". This is a really interesting topic as we look at what the Bible, the Torah and the Qu'ran say about good and bad. We look at the ten commandments from each and also at the 'Golden Rule'. We will then link this to rules we have in everyday society.

Key Messages

  • Spelling test on Mondays
  • Times tables test on Wednesdays
  • Miss Dunn’s PE – Tuesday & Wednesday
  • Miss Done’s PE – Monday (SWIMMING) & Wednesday

Please see our class newsletter below for more information.