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Year 5

Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Teacher: Miss Done, Miss Parr & Miss Barrett

LSAs: Mr Tierney,  Miss Shearer & Mrs Green

Autumn 2

Wow how quick did our first term go together! As always please find below all the information you will need about our learning this half term.

Our topic this half term is all about The Maya. We will be travelling back time, wadding through jungles, surviving deserts and trying to avoid becoming the next sacrifice at the pyramid temple!


Last half term we really got to grips with place value up to millions! All the children took this in their stride and can now confidently read VERY big numbers! We then used this knowledge to add and subtract up to 6 digit numbers! This half term we turn our attentions to multiplication and division. The children will learn all about multiples, factors, prime numbers, how to square and cube numbers for the FIRST time! Please support in whatever way you can with this at home! Most importantly though- times table knowledge is crucial for this topic! please practise at home! The children need a quick mental recall please!


We will be basing our reading and writing lessons on a book called the Middle World! In this adventure action packed thriller we will follow a 14 year old boy and his perilous journey through El Xavier- a Maya city! Watch out those Gods are terrifying!

There are lots of new grammar terms and techniques that they children will be introduced to this year and we will have a dedicated grammar lesson each week too. Please don't forget to practise spellings at home ready for the test each week. Did you know the year 6 spellings SATs tests the spellings from all year groups from 3-6?


As studying the Maya may have suggested, we are focusing on our history skills in topic this half term. We will use our chronological skills to order history in time, we will be investigating Mayan artefacts and will be comparing life then to life today, and of course we will be learning all about the history of Chocolate!


Animals inc. humans is our theme for Autumn 2. Year 5 learn all about the life changes to humans from fertilisation to old age. We will study how a foetus grows and becomes a fully recognisable baby, how babies become toddlers, to children then onto teenagers and adults and finally old age. We have asked on the homework sheet for you to send in 3 photographs of your child 1- baby, 2 - toddler, 3- now. We will be using these to look at changes. 


Our key question this half term is:

If God is everywhere, why to people go to a place of worship?

In order to answer this big question we will use these smaller questions to help focus our exploration

Which places are special and why?
What makes some places sacred?
Why do people pray?
Should religious buildings be sold to feed the starving?

Although we will touch on lots of religions during this topic, we will be mainly looking at this through the eyes of a Christian, a Hindu and a Jewish person

Reading at Home:

We've had a really successful term with lots of children reading at home every night and filling our records up with ticks so thank you for your home support. 

Please remember to read a minimum of 5 times a week at home. Reading helps children in a variety of ways- reading is not just about reading. Reading develops the children's use of the English language, it teaches them new vocabulary, it helps them improve in spelling, it gives them ideas but it also helps them relax and lets them escape into another world!



Miss Parr & Miss Done: Tuesdays - Captain confidence       Thursdays - Wrestling


Children will be given their homework at the start of each term which will link to our topic work. Children will have the full half term to work on at least 3 tasks. Children can bring their homework in at various points before the end deadline. Children’s work will be celebrated in class and in our homework celebration assembly.

Water Bottles:

Please send your child with a water bottle each day. The children keep these on their desks and drink throughout the day. Staying hydrated is really important for children to remain focused.