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Year 5

Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Teachers: Miss Done and Miss Parr

LSAs: Mr Tierney,  Mrs Green & Miss Mohsin

Summer 2

We cannot believe that we have come to our final half term together! Its been a wonderful year together and we have enjoyed every minute of it.

As always please find below all the information you will need about our learning this half term.

Our topic this term is all about traders and raiders. We will be learning all about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings!


We move onto looking at measurement this half term- converting mm in cm and m, ml into l and so on. We will also be looking at time. All children should now be able to tell the time using a clock as well as digit time. Please help your children with this vital life skill over the holidays if they have not mastered it yet as we will be problem solving with time once we return. Please support in whatever way you can with this at home! Most importantly though -  please practise lots of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division at home! 



To support our Anglo-Saxon and Viking topic this half term we will be reading Beowulf. We will be doing lots of work on our reading skills and extending our vocab. In writing we will use the final term to recap all of the grammar terms and techniques we have learned this year.

  Please don't forget to practise spellings at home ready for the test each week. Did you know the year 6 spellings SATs tests the spellings from all year groups from 3-6?


We will continue looking at the Anglo Saxons and move onto the Vikings and where they appeared from! Don't forget our trip to Yorvik in July!


Our final science topic is states of matter. The children will build on their prior knowledge of solid, liquids and gases and take part in experiments to explore this area further.


What does it mean to be a Muslim in Britain today? 

We will be...

Making links between Muslim practice, the five pillars of Islam and Muslim beliefs about God
Making links between Muslim practice of each of the five pillars and Muslim beliefs about Prophet Muhammad
Describing and reflecting on how the Qur’an is significant to Muslims
Describing and reflecting on how other forms of guidance are significant to Muslims
Comparing, noting similarities and differences, the guidance I use to the guidance used by a Muslim
Identifying and explaining connections between the main functions of the Mosque and Muslim beliefs

 Reading at Home:

We've had a really successful term with lots of children reading at home every night and filling our records up with ticks so thank you for your home support. 

Please remember to read a minimum of 5 times a week at home. Reading helps children in a variety of ways- reading is not just about reading. Reading develops the children's use of the English language, it teaches them new vocabulary, it helps them improve in spelling, it gives them ideas but it also helps them relax and lets them escape into another world!


Miss Parr:   Wednesday - Cricket                              Friday: Coach Hall

Miss Done: Wednesday - Cricket                              Thursday: NFL


Children will be given their homework linking to an aspect of our lessons and their learning. Thank you to those who have already returned their holiday homework about bullfighting!

Water Bottles:

Please send your child with a water bottle each day. The children keep these on their desks and drink throughout the day. Staying hydrated is really important for children to remain focused.