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Year 5

Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Teacher: Miss Done and Miss Parr

LSAs: Mr Tierney,  Mrs Green & Miss Mohsin


Wow how quick did our first term go together! As always please find below all the information you will need about our learning this half term.

Our topic this term is all about Spain and Mexico. We will be carrying out a geographical investigation and comparing the similarities and differences between Spain, Mexico and the UK.


Last half term we spent lots of time working with all four operations! All of the children have faced challenges well and overcome them, meaning they can now multiply and divide BIG numbers. This half term we turn our attention to fractions. Please support in whatever way you can with this at home! Most importantly though- times table knowledge is crucial for this topic! Please practise at home! 


We will be basing our reading and writing lessons on a book called Holes! In this adventure action packed thriller we will follow a young boy and his journey at juvenile detention centre.  

There are lots of new grammar terms and techniques that they children will be introduced to this year and we will have a dedicated grammar lesson each week too. Please don't forget to practise spellings at home ready for the test each week. Did you know the year 6 spellings SATs tests the spellings from all year groups from 3-6?


As studying Spain and Mexico may have suggested, we are focusing on our geography skills in topic this half term. We will use our knowledge of human and physical features to consider the differences between towns and villages in these countries. We will also consider the locals culture, weather, food and clothes in each country.


Space is our topic for Spring 1 and 2. Year 5 will learn about the solar system and its planets, the phases of the moon, famous explorers and we will finish the topic with a trip to Jodrall Bank on July 4th. 


Our key question this half term is:

What would Jesus do? (Can we live by the values of Jesus in the twenty-first century?)

In order to answer this big question we will use these smaller questions to help focus our exploration

What were Jesus' values?

How do these relate to other religions?

What can we learn from Jesus in order to be a good citizen?

Although we will touch on lots of religions during this topic, we will be mainly looking at this through the eyes of a Christian.

Reading at Home:

We've had a really successful term with lots of children reading at home every night and filling our records up with ticks so thank you for your home support. 

Please remember to read a minimum of 5 times a week at home. Reading helps children in a variety of ways- reading is not just about reading. Reading develops the children's use of the English language, it teaches them new vocabulary, it helps them improve in spelling, it gives them ideas but it also helps them relax and lets them escape into another world!



Miss Parr:   Tuesday - Salford Reds        Thursday - Gymnastics

Miss Done: Tuesdays                               Friday 


Children will be given their homework weekly which will include a timed times tables activity. This will help with our maths topic of fractions so please ensure this is completed. The purpose of this activity is that each week your child should be quicker in completing the grid. Your child will also be sent home with either spellings and/or grammar homework to be completed and returned the following week.

Water Bottles:

Please send your child with a water bottle each day. The children keep these on their desks and drink throughout the day. Staying hydrated is really important for children to remain focused.