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Welcome to Year 1!

Welcome to Year 1!


Teachers: Miss Hilton and Miss Downey
LSA: Miss Gagg and Mrs Donnelly

Autumn 2

Topic- Moon Zoom!  


This half term, we'll travel through space to learn about the Solar System. We'll investigate an alien crash site, write an incident report and try to find the aliens who have landed. We'll make models of the Solar System and design spaceships. Books and photographs will help us to learn lunar landing and the astronauts who venture into space.

At the end of our project, we'll share our learning in a variety of ways. We'll read our work aloud, sing space-themed songs and create an exhibition.



In Maths we will be looking at numbers to 100, number bonds and addition and subtraction facts within 10. It would be very helpful if you could help your child with their 2's, 5's and 10 times tables. 


We will continue to link our English work to the topic of Moon Zoom. We will be looking at writing reports and persuasive writing.


In Science we will be looking at a variety of different materials and discussing their properties. We will also be looking at the Solar System, linking to our topic.

PE  will be on Monday and Tuesday. Please make sure that you bring have your PE kit in school EVERY DAY!

Your PE kit needs to have:  pumps/trainers, black shorts, white t-shirts (T-shirts with the school logo are available!).


Homework will be given out at the beginning of every half term. It is very important that your child attempts the homework set in Year 1 as this helps consolidate their learning and is also a lovely way for the children to showcase their knowledge and hard work in our homework assembly. There are lots of activities to choose from! Pick any 3 that you are interested in. Of course, you can do more if there are more than 3 that you like the sound of!


Reading at home
Reading is brilliant and we want to encourage children to do it as much as possible. We are going to be reading books together as a class but we would also like the children to read regularly at home. They will have a reading folder to take home and a reading log to record any reading they do. We would like them to read at least 4 times during the week – this can be anything that they are interested in reading, not just books, but useful information that they need, such as (appropriate) websites, television guides, menus, magazines,… the list is endless!  The reading logs will be checked regularly. Prizes will be given out for those children that read the most.


Please take time to help your child learn their spellings each week. They are very important in helping your child to write with more confidence. We will be sending spellings home each week based on the keywords that they need to know for their year group. The best ways to learn them are through games so they could create their own word searches, make their own snap or memory game with them, or turn them into jigsaws. They could practise writing them in bubble writing, rainbow colours, crosswords,… the list is endless! Just make it fun!



  • Our school day starts at 8.45am. Children will come into the classroom on their own, and they can be collected outside the classroom door at 2.55pm
  • Staying hydrated helps us to learn so please make sure that your child has a water bottle in school with them everyday.
  • Could we also ask that you make sure your child has their name in their uniforms and PE kits to avoid any confusion if they take their jumpers off.
  • Make sure you remember to read every night in preparation for the phonics screener!

    If you have any questions or queries we are always around at the end of the day to have a quick chat or feel free to contact the office to make an appointment!