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Music is the art of sound, it can lift our hearts and allow children to explore and express their creativity. At Lewis Street our music curriculum engages and inspires pupils to develop a love of music as well as their talent as musicians. Music is taught at Lewis Street by the experts in the Salford Music and Performing Arts Service (MAPAS) team. For each class the MAPAS tutor teaches music skills and all pupils have their own instrument to play in music lessons. Our children learn to play a range of percussion instruments (tuned and untuned) whilst at Lewis Street. During their time at Lewis Street pupils have the opportunity to perform for an audience through events arranged in and out of school, including at the MAPAS Wider Opportunities Annual Showcase at The Lowry, the MAPAS Annual Big Sing, POP UK events.

At Lewis Street we aim to deliver a high quality music education that engages and inspires children to develop a love of music, following the objectives from the National Curriculum which can be found here. We use Charanga as the basis for our curriculum. Our children will develop their understanding of how music is created, take part in composing and performing music using their voice and other instruments and take a reflective approach when listening to music of varying genres. We have weekly Singing Assemblies where we learn new songs from a range of genres. 

We want our children to enjoy music and therefore we provide extra curricular opportunities through the choir and a variety of performances throughout the academic year.

  • We want our children to be creative and imaginative within a musical context.
  • We want our children to understand rhythm and pitch and use these when composing their own original pieces of music.
  • We aim for all of our children to recognise and begin to use musical notation.
  • We want all of our children to enjoy and appreciate a wide range of musical compositions and pieces.
  • We aim for all of our children to have the opportunity to perform in musical events both on and off site.