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Computing opens the gateway into the modern, digital world. It allows children to develop their computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world. The computing curriculum at Lewis Streethas a heavy emphasis upon computer science. Pupils learn the principles of information and computation, how digital systems work and programming. We live in an age of computing, to become successful learners and citizens, children need to be able to access and interact effectively with the digital world.

Purple Mash

At Lewis Street pupils are taught to access and use computer programmes to carry out a range of operations.

They learn how different types of data and digital content can be generated, stored, accessed and manipulated.

Pupils have the opportunity to design, create and debug their own programmes.

Using the internet effectively and safely is paramount in our computing curriculum, children are taught how to search the internet whilst maintaining their safety and security at all times.

Using technology safely and respectfully is a key part of both our Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) curriculum and our computing curriculum.

Pupils learn how to use technology respectfully and responsibly and how to recognise and report unacceptable content or behaviour.

Our Threshold Concepts

 In our curriculum, we define the threshold concepts which link all aspects of Computing as:
• Computer Science
• Information Technology
• Digital Literacy
• Online Safety

Remote Learning

At Lewis Street we value the importance of being able to work with a blended curriculum. Although the children use Purple Mash for their Computing Curriculum there are lots of opportunities for them to learn at home.

For remote and home learning we use:

Seesaw-Nursery-Year 6

Google Classroom- Y5-6


At Lewis Street the children have access to Seesaw where they can work on activities in class and at home. 

Children can share their work on their class page!

What do the children think?

"I love going on the computer, my typing is getting much better." Y3

"I like showing off my coding skills!" Y4

"Computing will help me in my job when I am older." Y2

 You may find the following links below useful to help your child stay safe online at home.