The Leaf

The Leaf 

What is The Leaf?
The Leaf is a special resourced class within Lewis Street Primary School which caters for children who experience Social, Emotional and Mental Health difficulties. It is based on Nurture Group philosophy.
It is staffed by a full time teacher and learning support assistants.
6 children can access the class at any one time.
The class is an integral part of the school and children join mainstream activities as part of their daily routines and transition programmes.

The Curriculum
Children in the class has an educational health care plan (EHCP). The curriculum is based on the Statuary Framework for Early Years and Key Stage 1 National Curriculum, and is differentiated according to each child’s stage of development.

All children have a full assessment when they first come to the class and this is then used to plan their learning.
Each child follows their own programme and their progress is closely monitored through observations and more formal assessments. Targets are shared and reinforced on a daily basis and achievement rewarded.
For children accessing the class full time, their transition to mainstream is carefully planned: children may join their peer group for lunchtimes, playtime and enrichment time. As they progress the transition will build on their strengths, allowing them to join classes where they will experience success. Each stage will be monitored and taken at the child’s pace.
There is a strong focus on PSHE and SEAL throughout all activities.

What are we learning in The Leaf this half term?


Our next topic is called Moon Zoom and we will be travelling through space to learn about the Solar System. We’ll investigate an alien crash site, write an incident report and try to find the aliens who have landed. We’ll make models of the Solar System and design spaceships, space buggies and space-related toys. Books and photographs will help us to learn about the first lunar landing and the astronauts who venture into space. We’ll also explore satellite images, investigate rockets and use ICT to communicate our ideas and present our work.
The countdown has begun. Are you ready for blast off?


Our topic links to English where we are learning new sounds every day, to develop communication, language, reading and writing skills. Please encourage your child to read every night regardless of whether it is their school reading book or not. Parents and carers are encouraged to write a comment in their reading record and ensure it is in school every day, so that we can track their progress. Reading provides so many opportunities and opens so many doors to a child’s learning.


In Maths this term, we will be exploring place value, number bonds, comparing numbers and counting. In school we use Singapore Maths to help your child learn maths skills in an practical and interactive way. You can find Singapore Maths videos under the Parents/Carers section on this website.

As part of the curriculum in the leaf your child will also take part in activities in the sensory room, cooking and messy play. Don't worry we have aprons!!

PE Days: All children in the Leaf will now be joining the mainstream children to take part in P.E. Please make sure they have a P.E kit in school. This  is a white PE top, blue shorts and black pumps.

Home school diaries: Please use these to communicate daily, even if it is just a couple of lines to tell us what kind of evening/sleep/breakfast time/weekend, your child has had.


Staff:Mrs Ottiwell, Miss Sutton, Miss Farrow, Miss Mitchell and Mrs Pasco